Folgor BlackRock

Dwarven Defender


STR-17 DEX-15 CON-17 INT-11 WIS-8 CHA-12

FORT-13 REFl-4 Will-7

AC-31 HP-85


Frokor is the nephew of the king of Northern Mountain Dwarves located in a isolated mountain in an arctic region. He come from a proud people renown for their crafting of mithral weapons and armor. He has taken the crafting skill of his grandfather in forging armor.

Because Frokur has a higher than average Charisma (for a Dwarf) he was well suited to be a diplomatic envoy for the mountain king. The Mountain had experienced a variety of raids from Ogres that have come from sources unknown. The King had sent Frukor and an envoy to the Tower of a recently arrived Wizard to see if he might know where they had come from. While visiting the tower Frukor soon realized the ogres were in Wizard’s employ and fell into a magical trap freezing the dwarf in a frozen column of ice.

Frukor laied trapped in ice for fifty yearstiil realsed by Gar, Rowen, and Milo. Honored bound to for rescuing him he joined in their quest to retrieve a mystical amulet. With that these new allies Frukor may find a way to return to his Kingdom.

Folgor BlackRock

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