Rowen Nilo

Rogue 4/Druid 6/ Warshaper 2


Rowen is curt and to-the-point on most issues. Despite being a good friend of Gar, she wouldn’t trust him with her life. Not because Gar is good liar but more that Gar gets ahead of his lies and she ends up bailing him out. Rowen constantly has to weigh her loyalties between her friends and to the Druid Circle.

Rowen has come into possession of two elven artifacts in her adventures. A +1 Flame Short Bow where she shoots a variety of magic arrows and a vestment of the Druids which allows her to do more wild-shapes per day.


Rowen was born in the Grove, a mystical magical forest space that exist in the City. Access to the grove is through natural vegetation in the form of clusters of trees in parks and on Lord estates. Only members of the Druid Circle can access the Grove but some powerful forces can also pass.

Rowen is of the first generation of Druid Agents. The Druid Circle had expanded it’s network of agents when a Garrick, a thief and friend of Rowen’s Grandmother, had trained her and others in stealth.

Rowen’s Grandmother was once on the powerful Druid Council, a body of twelve high ranking fey and elven Druids and sorcerers. She step down from that post after both of Rowen’s parents were tragically killed while on a mission leaving her to raise her other younger sibling. The details of this mission have been kept from Rowen. Rowen has a strained relationship with her Grandmother because of it.

Rowen was already a excellent archer and attuned in the Druidic ways when she was abruptly assigned to Garrick. Rowen suspects it was to keep her from learning the truth of her parents death. Rowen soon became attached to the gnome Gar and the two have been together on many adventures.

Rowen’s Cousin Raven, a sorceress had many arguments with Rowen on the aspects of what the Druid Circle should be doing. However, her attempts to sway Rowen to see her point of view were cut short when she lost her life helping Rowen and Gar retrieve the Golden Mask of St. Bamus.

When Rowen returned to the Circle recently from a unattended five year hiatus, she found half of the Circle had left to join the Fey Resistance, a para-military organization that wishes to overthrow the Cities Overlords. Rowen’s younger sister has recently joined the resistance and left the Circle.

Rowen’s grandmother has asked Rowen to join the council to fill the void despite opposition from the sitting members.

Rowen Nilo

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