Evil Priestess


Female Human Clr 10 Hp 69 AC 24 (+ 8 Full plate, +2 Large Wooden Shield, +1 DX, Shield of Faith +3) IN +5 ATT +7/+2 +11/+5 Shock Mace (1d8+1d6+3) ST 14 DX 13 CN 12 CN 12 IN 14 WS 17 CH 15 AL CE Re buke Undead FORT +8 REF +4 WILL+10 FEATS BlindFight, Combat Casting, Spell Focus (Enchantment) Wpn Focus (heavy mace), Improve Initiative Possesions: Full Plate, Large Wooden Shield, Heavy Mace +1 Shock, Potion of Clairvoyance, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

Spells: 6, 5+1,5+1, 4+1, 3+1,2+1 0-create water, cure minor wounds x2, detect magic, resistance x2 1-*bless, cause fear, command DC 15, doom, obscuring mist, *shield of faith 2-Death knell, hold person, shatter, silence, *spiritual weapon, Zone of Truth 3- Cure serious wounds, searing light, water breathing, water walk, Contagion 4-Control Weather, summon monster IV( 1d3 Fiendish wolverine), * Divine Power 5-Ice storm (3d6 points of bludgeoning damage and 2d6 cold) Summon Monster V(1d3 Howlers) Command Greater DC19

Under Divine Power, Bless Cassat has a base attack of +10/+5, +6 STR, and +10hp her stats become: ST 20 +17/+12 Shock Mace 1d8+6 +1d6 Total HP 79. The Spiritual Weapon Attacks at +10/+5 1d8+3. Both Last for 10 rds.


Cassatta is an evil Preitess that leads a gang of anrachist and theives that target shipping in the city.

Cassatta had hired Otis and another theif to steal a Magical Horn from a temple only to have Otis skip town with horn.

When Milo was mistaken for his brother, he offfered to find Otis to calm Cassatta down. When Milo ended up being gone for five years that didn’t help her anger.

Currently she uses the Silver Griffon as her base of operations with her gang.


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