Wally Beezal

An Angry Dwarf


EL 5 Dwarf Expert AC 13 (+3 Studded Leather) Hp 20 ATT +3 +4 Club 1d6+1 FORT +1 REF +1 WILL +4 FEATS: Endurance, Persuasive Appraise +7 Bluff +10 Diplomacy +8 Gather Information +8 Intimidate +10 Knowledge Dungeoneering +9 Knowledge Religion +5 Profession: Mining +10 Sense Motive +8

(4) Wallys’ Body Guards EL4 Fighters AC17 (+4 Splintmail, +3 Large Shield) 9-Touch AC 13) Hp 28 ATT +4 /+6 Battle axe 1d8+3 FEATS: Weapon Focus (+1 hit Battle axe) Weapon specialization (+2 dm) Shield Specialization, Shield Ward.

These guards are Loyal to Wally.


Wally, Lord Attica Beezal’s no good nephew, has been disowned by the family decades ago. His dis-ownership was the result of a scandal in the mines for the use of slave labor.

However, it wasn’t the slave labor that was the problem, it was the revolt by the slaves that shutdown the mines from his poor management. The family held him responsible and he was booted out of the business. Wally has spent the rest of the decade working on shady business dealings and receiving some stipend from more sympathetic family members.

Wally was obsessed with revenge. He blamed everything that had happen to him on his uncle. His rants and anger fits were legendary and he was hard to work for. Wally was notorious for not keeping his bargain and his past business dealings have been bloody. But when it comes to his vengefulness, Beezal is irrationally loose with his money and his offer to the Rowen and Gar were too good to be true.

Wally’s best revenge on his uncle was to steal his golden smile. Wally hired Rowen and Gar to to steal his Uncle’s jeweled and gold teeth dentures before the final resting place was magically sealed during the funeral ceremony.

Wally knew of a Connection between the catacombs under the temple district of the church of Aarth. Through the catacombs one can sometimes emerge into another Church. He knew one such passageway that was used to run messages between him and his other family members. He provided a map for the Rowen and Gar to the passage from the Temple of St. Cathay of the Vines to the Church of St. Huffrey where his uncle was to be entombed. He warned that one can get lost in the catacombs if one loses this map or bearings.

Rowen and Gar succeeded in stealing the dentures but Wally didn’t pay them the full promised amount. Gar got his revenge by appearing as a ghost of Wally’s Uncle and convincing him to go and find a new mine in goblin lands. Wally was never heard from again.

Wally Beezal

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