A Shape Changing Assassin


A Black hair and Green eyed short female human. What Sylvia lacks in strength she has in acrobatic prowess.

CR 13 Doppelganger (Monstrous Humanoid shape changer) Ninja 10 HD 4d8+4 +12d6+12 Hp 82 AC 23/27* (Natural +4, DX +4, AC Bonus +5, Mage Armor +4*) BASE ATT +12/+6/+1 ATT +15/+9/+4 Masterwork Kurki 1d4+3 IN+4 FORT +7 REF +15 WILL +10 (+12) ST14 DX18 CN 12 IN 14 WS 16 CH 10

FEATS: Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Enduring Ki (Ki Powers Last 2 rds)

Skill tricks: Acrobatic Backstab (DC 25) Flatfooted next melee attack. Back on your Feet (DC 25 to come up pron w/o AoO)

Skills: Bluff +17 Balance +23 Climb +17 Craft (Poison) +5 Diplomacy +4 Disable Device +6 Disguise +19 (+29) Escape Artist +5 Forgery +2 Gather info +10 Hide +17 Intimidate +5 Jump +18 Listen +15 Spell Craft +5 Move Silently +21 Open Locks +10 Search +5 Sense Motive +12 Sleight of Hand +14 Spot +15 Swim +5 Tumble +21 Use Magic Device +6 Use Rope +6 Profession (dressmaker) +10

SA Detect Thoughts; DC 14 Change Shape +10 Disguise: Immunity to sleep and charm effects. AC Bonus +2, Ki Power +2 Will (13 pts) Trap finding, Ghost Step Invisibility (2rds) and Ethereal, Improved Poison use (move action), Great Leap, Acrobatics +2, Ki Dodge (2rds 20% miss) Speed Climb, Ghost Strike (While Ethereal), SA Sudden strike +5d6

Equipment: (12) Masterwork Shuriken 1d3+2 Masterwork Kuri (18-20×2) Possum Pouch (DC 30 search to detect)

Masterwork Thieves Tools (+2)
  • Potion of Jump Poisons: Purple Worm Venom DC24 1d6 STR/2d6STR 1 doses Drow Poison DC 13 Unconscious/ Unconscious for 2d4 hrs 3 doses Sassoon Leaf DC16 2d12/1d6 con

When Sylvia transforms herself into another character she gains and loses points to her diguise. Sylvia takes a –4 to shape change into Gar, Furgo and Milo. She takes only a -2 to shape change into Rowen. The PC will have bonus to see through her disguise. Gar and Rowen each gain a +8 to spot to discern the disguise of each other. All others receive a +6.

Tactics: In a spring attack action Sylvia can choose to turn invisable move 15ft to strike and the next 15ft to move on. While invisible she can sudden strike an individual


Born somewhere in the East, Sylvia, as she called herself, came to the City to apply her talents in assassination and guise. One of Sylvia’s passions is making clothes. She met an old Dressmaker, Oswald who had been in business for 25 years. Sylvia killed Oswald and took his identy to establish herself as an effective assassin and spy.

She caught the eye of the Counsel of Wrath, who wished to recruit her. Sylvia desired to join in order to cater better clientele. However, her relationship with Marcus Balto had complicated things and the Counsel no longer sees her as a good candidate. Her attempt to frame Gar for the murder was also poorly executed, as he later vindicated himself.

Sylvia’s whereabouts are currently unknown. With her abilities however she can easily adopt a new guise.


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