The Dark City

Adventure Thirty Two

The Emerald Enigma Part 2

The thieves find the hideout of the Flamebrothers and with help of the Tracker, Treelo and a gnome beguiler Tiberius Faerdal Sparkle, drive away the fiery serpent Keesha and capture the Flamebrother captain. Once they present the bounty to Queeg, the Master of the Quarter, they are welcomed to the Efreeti’s tower to hot baths and more information regarding the smuggling emerald operation occurring in the Outsiders Quarter.

Now with new information, the thieves investigate the four Houses of the Outsiders Quarter: House Jannus, House Cleshador, House Agoor, and House Zethyris in hopes of finding more clues to who is behind the smuggling and why.


wizarddog wizarddog

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