The Dark City


The Campaign takes place in the City and surrounding areas. The adventures expand around the city blocks and districts that the rogue/Thief characters adventure in.

The Great City has existed for many centuries building on top of the remains of once was the trading Center of the Great Southern Empire. After the Empire fell to barbarians itwas through the Crusaders of Aarth that the city was reborn under the control of the Overlords. The Church of Aarth established itself as the main religious order building over monuments and shrines of gods past.

The overlords, under very wise rulers, encouraged economic growth in the city. The City expanded outward and seized the land of the pagans, forcing them to integrate into the city to access their sacred lands and keep their traditions alive. Lands outside the city became great fields of grain that would become the cities main export to the world market. As the trading to other cities expanded the Guilds rose to power and influence over the city.

The City is now host to some of the richest merchants and Lords. Working in the shadows, the thieves guild has also rose to prominence by the guile of it’s leaders in the early days. Today, the Guild is run more like a business with bureaucratic meddling and excessive taxation. The guild’s oppressive rules make it difficult for a hard working thief to make a living.

It is no wonder that the next generation of thieves have found it so much profitable to run freelance no matter how dangerous it might be…

Adventure One
Lord Rentclift's Manor

Gar BugBucket, a gnome bard that has forsaken his father banking Business for a life of showbusiness and thieving, had teamed up with Rowen, an elf Druid/Rogue from the Druid Circle whos parents were killed years ago by unknown assassins, to be assistant to Garrick, an old theif that had done service for the Druids many years back. Garrick has been trying to complete a few more jobs past his retirement to finally hang up his hat. The trio’s first run was to steal a Golden mask from Lord Rentclift’s manor. In the process Gar found a old map he later sent to be translated.

Adventure Two
Cabal of the Vipers

After being convinced by Garrick that Gar BugBucket needed to collect on old debts from individual he previously lent money to as “a matter of principle” the trio learn of a shipment of Golden statues in a warehouse at the docks. They penetrated the Dock ward but encountered a smuggling gang known as the Vipers. The trio manage to chase off the vipers and gain the statues for themselves.

Adventure Three
Grave Robbers

Garrick leaves the group to attend business and leave Gar in charge of the Silver Griffon, Garrick’s tavern. They are hired by a very unstable Dwarf called Wally who wants his Uncles Golden dentures pride from his dead uncles mouth before he is placed in the tomb. Utilizing a provided map the two use the connecting passageways of the catacombs to enter the church. They encounter many creatures about and Rowen discovers a Golden Staff of St. Elisas that can heal and restore drained power. They are successful but play a trick on Wally into thinking a great treasure awaits him in the far hills. Wally leaves town and is never heard from again.

Adventure Four
Festival of the Gorgon

Gar] and Rowen hit a variety of merchants during the festival of the Serpent.

Adventure Five
Treasure House

The Map stolen from Lord Rentclift proves to be a treasure map and Gar and Rowen buy horses and attempt to take the days journey to the village of Doreen. They evade a pursuing Lord Rentclift and his mercenary band on the trail and engage them at the Treasure house which they finds great treasure and a some nasty oozes.

Adventure Six
Hand of the HighwayMan

In the town of Soreen the group is robbed and investigate a series of robberies brought on by a elf spy working for the Church of Aarth. Rowen is sent a message to investigate an Elven Village that has lost contact to the Druid Circle. She leaves behind Gar, who ends up following her.

Adventure Seven
Master of Spiders

In pursuing Rowen, Gar encounters the Kobold Dragon spawn, Ness, on mission from the thieves guild. The two join forces with Rowen as they fight off Ettercaps controlled by a strange creature known as the Master.

Adventure Eight

Back at home Gar receives message from Garrick to help a merchant find his missing daughter who was kidnapped. A half-elf scout joins them as he is seeking with them the mysterious Mr. Quell. After the group confronts Mr. Quell, they discover a trail to a hidden lair of Illithids and their experiments. The group, however, is unsuccessful in the rescue and attempts to warn the city officials of the Mind-flayers prove futile. Ness and the half-elf leave the city while Gar and Rowen must deal with what lies ahead.

Adventure Nine
Honor Among Theives

Hurmot, an associate of Garrick finds Rowen and Gar and pleads for them to help save Garrick who is trapped in temple of St. Baumus attempting to steal a Golden mask. They evade the Guardian of the beast but Hurmot betrays them and steals the mask for himself. Garrick ends up turned to stone by the guardian and the three attempt to escape the Temple. However, St. Baumus rises out and demands the return of his mask. Gar manages to convince the Saint he can return the mask. He has three days or St. Baumus will destroy the city looking for it.

With information from Garrick (a humorous moment that will be best retold best by Gar) Rowen and Gar attempt to find Mistress Deana of the house of the Red Lanterns who hired Hurmot. Gar attempts to ask help from his Guild leader (an personal rival) Jiewl who in return gives him tickets to a costume ball for a later date (i.e. he was worthless). They manage to gain the assistance of Rowen’s Cousin, Raven, a fire sorceress. The three discover Deana’s plot with the mask and invade Hurmot’s house. After fighting off Ogre skeletons and summoned hell hounds they defeat Deana and Hurmot but not before Raven dies in the fight. They return the mask and manage to convince St. Bamus it to turn Garrick back to flesh.


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