The Dark City

Adventure Thirty Four
The Emerald Enigma Part 4

The Gnome Ninja Skirling, Spirtit Shaman Kailey, and the Dwarf Dragon Shaman Tasavil Mordifus join Tiberius and Milo in infiltrating the House Cleshadore to seek out information on the Emeralds.

Finding special teleportation scrolls and papers from the House Cleshadore the thieves transport to a secret emerald mine thousands of miles away in the dense jungle of the southern continent. To their horror they discover it under the control by none other than the Masters!

Adventure Thirty Three
The Emerald Enigma Part 3

With information from the a slave girl of House Jannis, the Task Force follows the movement of slaves through the Outsiders Quarter to House Cleshador. But a direct assault on the house forces the group to flee but not before Folgor BlackRock and the Tracker, Treelo fall in battle. With the dwarven warrior slain and Treelo missing, the theives must regroup and try a new tactic as their presence in the Quarter is now no longer a secret.

However, unknown to the task force, a second group has been shadowing them under the employ of a secret benefactor.

Adventure Thirty Two
The Emerald Enigma Part 2

The thieves find the hideout of the Flamebrothers and with help of the Tracker, Treelo and a gnome beguiler Tiberius Faerdal Sparkle, drive away the fiery serpent Keesha and capture the Flamebrother captain. Once they present the bounty to Queeg, the Master of the Quarter, they are welcomed to the Efreeti’s tower to hot baths and more information regarding the smuggling emerald operation occurring in the Outsiders Quarter.

Now with new information, the thieves investigate the four Houses of the Outsiders Quarter: House Jannus, House Cleshador, House Agoor, and House Zethyris in hopes of finding more clues to who is behind the smuggling and why.

Adventure Thirty One
The Emerald Enigma Part 1

After clearing the Gannu Mine, the rogues are hired by the Thieves Guild to investigate the movement of illicit emeralds through the Outsiders Quarter. Led by Guild officers Alanis and the Tracker, Treelo, Folgor BlackRock, Milo, and the Swordsman, Yoshi make their way into the dangerous quarter and the infamous Floating Market.

Their investigation leads them to a Gang of Azer’s called the Flame Brothers where they now set upon invading their hide out.

Meanwhile, Gar returns to his Father’s manor to take up his families Legacy and Rowen returns to the Druid Circle to become an Elder.

The Emerald Enigma (part 2)
Interlude Part 2

“Grand Master”, began Noveticus, “why was I not inform…”

“My apologizes Master Noveticus”, interrupted the young and dashing Callowan , “I sent a runner to inform you but obviously did not get the message in a timely fashion. Perhaps they missed while you were performing your errands…”

“Indeed.”, Noveticus repying curtly. His eyes beam at the insolent Garrick seated next to Callowan. “But I am curious as to why this violator of Guild Law is sitting here amongst us when he should be rotting in his appropriate chambers.”

The Grand Master Grav clear his throat, and in a deep tone of authory simply said, “Sit, Noveticus,”

The Grand Master was stock and thinned hair but carried an impressive force of authority. His imposing jeweled finger gestured to the only empty seat around the table. Noveticus took the seat in silence and surveyed the group around him. Amongst the Guild members were Arrik the Research & Records Officer, Awad the Watchmaster , Carski The Logistics Officer, Peedenn the Operations Master, Prob the Bookkeeping & Financial Officer and Smit the Housemaster (who look about as old as the Grand Master himself). Seated also around the table was of course Callowan who oversaw special operations for the Guild. And the new addition, (though not new to the Guild) was the crusty thief Garrick grinning from ear to ear.

Grav turned to Callowan and waved his hand for the young officer to continue.

“As I indicated, for the past year the supply of raw and fine cut emeralds in the city have slowed to the point of a high market rate for the scarce minerals. Our intelligence reports have found no market force responsible for the decline of supply. Nor have our agents account for the scarcity in blackmarket for the gems.”

Carski, a thin white hair man spoke with his nasal breathy voice, “And what is the significance of this? Why should the Guild be concern?

Peedenn, a balding plump man in his forties, turned to his fellow officer with a allure if contempt at a such a stupid question, “Basically, the Guild has been cut out of the Emerald Market. We are aware that their is a movement in the smuggling of emeralds but we have no control of that movement nor are we profiting from the inflated price!”

“And why is that.” asked the Grand master who’s stern eye beamed at Noveticus and Calloway at the same time. Though neither seemed to be affected by it.

“We suspect”, continued Callowan, “the emeralds are being transfered through the Floating market in the Outsiders Quarter. That is the only blackmarket we have not controlled for over a hundred years. “

Carski quickly countered the young officer, “Surly we have agents in that district that can—!”

Noveticus, who now understood what the meeting was about interrupted, “The agents we have sent to that district have usually end up dead or thrown out by one or more of he House that control the area. The Master of the Outsider Quarter has decreed that the Guild is banned from his district. Sending any more experienced agents would certainly be suicide.”

“Then what do you recommend?” asked the Grand Master.

“I suggest we employ others outside of our organization to find out who is controlling the flow of the emeralds”, Replied Callowan, “I believe we may have such a prospect that you are all familiar with. I of course reefer to Gar Bugbucket.”

A sound of disapproval murmurs amongst the group.

“Look boys”, begins Garrick, “you got yourselves a wee bit of a problem. But me boy Gar knows his stuff. And with the sister and Milo, he’s got all of his bases covered to get into the quarter and find that information out for you.”

“But can we trust this Gar?” retorted Carski, “After all, he did work for Mistress Deliha?”

“No doubt where he received his silver tongue”, replied noveticus. “Do we want to trust an important mission with such a patheic specimen of restraint?”

“Don’t put Gar on the side”, Garrick replied, “He and his group have broken into the Cliffdweller Bank; a feat that not a single one here at this table has even tried!”

“Precisely why I agree that he is the right man for the job”, chimed Callowan, “I have already sent a secondary force to retrieve them. His involvement wit the Beezal Mine issue was most fortunate of coincidence.”

“This no mere mercenary we are talking about”, countered Noveticus. “How do you know he will cooperate?”

“Look”, started the old thief, ” I think Gar should know the truth about his father. That everything that’s been going on, it’s all realted. Once he figures out we are on the same team he will join us. Maybe not for the the same reasons.”

“And the elf ?”, asked Noverticus bitterly, “She is a member of the Druid Circle. Where do her loyalties lie?”

“Ah, Rowen is like a big sister to to him; she’ll go with him to keep him out of trouble!”

“And what of the dwarf and the halfling?” questioned Carski.

This time it was Peedenn with an endorsement, “The dwarf is the only sensible one amongst them. Money is his language and I think we can come to some agreement.”

Callowan then added, “The halfling is bit of an enigma. We know he has a brother in the Guild. But he left the city more than five years ago. Perhaps assisting him in finding out the fate of his brother would be an incentive along of course with some monetary gain.”

Hiring outside the guild is dangerous, countered Smit, Who had been silent all this time. “How do we know our own intrested will be served?”

Callowan answered, “My officer in the field, Alanis, has proven to be resourceful and loyal. He is well aware his importance in the Guild and will see to it that our interests are secure. He will of course have the backing of the Tracker and the swordsman.

“Swordsamn?” asked The Grand Master.

Award the Watchmster answered, “That silent one that was working with the Quartemaster, he was recruited from one of the Eastward trade ships.”

“And his incentive?” asked Carski.

“Unknown,” Callowan answered, “however he had earned passage out of his homeland by offering his loyalty to the Captain of the vessel. The Captain tranfered that to the Quartermaster and ultimately to my task force.”

“Can he be trusted?” asked The Grandmaster.

“He is honored bound to fulfill his contract though I suspect he is here for another reason of which I do not know,”.Callowan reassured.

“So Callowan,” began the Grand master, “on the recommendation of a violator of Guild, you will have recruited a manipulative gnome, a nature loving elf, a shadowy halfling, a arrogant dwarf, a silent swordsman, and one actual Guild member we can trust to take on an important mission into the dangerous Outsiders Quarter in hopes they can enligten the Guild on who is smuggling emeralds through the city without our control?”

“Yes.” the young officer relpied.

“Then by Jackdawl,” chortled the Grandmaster, “He who pays the piper calls the tune. make it so.”

The Emerald Enigma (part 1)
Prelude 1

Recruitment Master Noveticus limp his way towards the grand hall of the Guild muttering to himself many thoughts from the past few days. A month prior, against his knowledge, the upstart Officer Callowan had sent a team to the Gannu Mine. Now reports have stated a new force, hired by the Beezal’s themselves had gone to the site making his own operations more difficult. Worse yet, the meddling gnome and elf were involved.

The two had already been a sore spot to the Recruitment Master. Both were the students of the old retired thief Garrick who now was rotting in the Guild’s dungeon. The elf was member of that infernal circle of Druids that move through the groves and trees at night. The gnome’s origins were still unknown to Noveticus but an old report had discover he had once work for that manipulative she- devil Deliha. That alone was enough to take caution with this gnome. Five years ago the two worked with Garrick where they nearly destroyed one of Noveticu’s opperations. Fearful that Garrick had some knowledge, Noveticus utilized an eager Dragon-Spawn kolbold that he found a month prior. Having it appear as an ally, it would allow him tyo spy in the ranks of the former theif. But the Spawn quickly ran off with wild tales of phantom churches and crystal eyed creatures leaving Garrick free from the Guild’s and Noveticus’s spying eye. That only made the Recruitment Master more determined to discover what the Old thief was up to.

The day came finally when his suspicions were confirmed. The old fool Garrick got himself arrested protecting that annoying gnome. Noveticus investigated further and his spies found that Garrick was pulling jobs despite his retired status. Noveticus was outraged and ordered that old man be killed in his cell. But that Guild Grand Master, Grav had other ideas: seeing that the gnome skipped town leaving his mentor to rot in a prison would serve as adequate punishment for Garrick. Noveticus reluctantly agreed and let the matter rest.

Then suddenly the gnome returned and negotiated Garrick’s release. Noveticus was once again furious and arranged to kidnap Garrick from his cell prior to his freedom. Now with the old thief in the Guilds dungeon, a proper punishment could be awarded.

However, the issue with the Gannu Mine had to be resolved. Noveticus called for a meeting with the Guild Master to discuss Callowan’s venture. Hopefully the Guild Master would be convinced that the reckless behavior of the Beguiling youth should be reign in before more trouble begins to brew. But when he threw open the doors to the meeting hall he found that the meeting had started without him. The Guild Officers quickly rose from their seats to salute him, all save Callowan, the Grand Master and the old thief Garrick.

“Your late”, the old thief jeered.

To be continued

Adventure Thirty
Idylls of the Rat King Final

With the Gannu Family on the run Frokor, Milo, Rowen Nilo, Gar and a new ally, Alanis, team up with the Thieves Guild for a final assault on the last hold outs of the mine. But with this new alliance what will become of Gar and Rowen’s imprisoned mentor Garrick?

Adventure Twenty Nine
Idylls of the Rat King Part Two

With reinforcements, Frokor and Milo return to the fortified Mines of the Gannu Family. But what dark secret does the mines truly hold?

Adventure Twenty Eight
Prisoners of the Neogi

Frokor and Milo return to City to get supplies only to be found by Diana of the Church of St. Elsias. She tells them that Gar has been captured by a Neogi slave ship he originally went undercover to spy on.

Gar and Rowen Nilo escape the ship with the help of two other prisoners, the Elf cleric call Edgar and the Gnome artificer named Tinker.

Adventure Twenty Seven
Idylls of the Rat King Part One

After the defeating the Red Cap fey posing as the Ripper of Miller’s Court, Gar has mysteriously disappeared.

Folgor BlackRock has been approached by the illustrious Beezal family to shut down an illegal mine operation run by a banished dwarven family.


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