The Dark City

Adventure Twenty One
The Forgotten Ziggurat

Asking for the assistance of a powerful wizard on a tropical island, the group assist the wizard by tracking his apprentices to a ancient Ziggurat unearthed by a recent earthquake. The Ziggurat holds the mystical bonds that keep the daemon dragon Tiamat from emerging.

Adventure Twenty
Tower of ice

The group helps the ship board wizard on an expedition to a tower encased in a iceberg to retrive a magical amulet of power. They find the Dwarf Warrior, Folgor BlackRock who was encased in ice for over fifty years. The four successfully defeat three mercenaries in a rival expedition and retrieve the amulet.

Adventure Nineteen
Heros End

The Mirror had brought them to Heros Ends, a pocket plane set up as a test of Heros to escape. After collecting two tokens the group with a few new allies escaped the Plane and find themselves on a ship in the south east of the world-thousand of miles from their home.

Adventure Eighteen
The Thief Lords Vault

From Lucius they learn Otis had entered the Vault of the Thief Lord Calzun to get a mental picture of the map to Bloody Jacks Gold. The group follows him into Vailt and barely escape with their lives by entering a magic mirror.

Adventure Seventeen
Death in Freeport

Gar BugBucket awakens and finds himself accuse of the murder of a Lord Balto. Inquisitor Galieoin’s arrest of Gar is thwarted by Garrick and Gar flees the city to Freeport.

Reunited with the others in Freeport, Gar, Rowen Nilo, and Milo stop the a cult of Yuan Ti and rescue a man called Lucius who was an acquaintance of Otis.

Adventure Sixteen
Two of a Kind

While Gar BugBucket retires for a few days of carnal sex and booze, Rowen is contacted by the Druid circle to hunt down a group of thieves using the grove as their escape from their nightly raids. Later in the week, Milo is mistaken for his brother Otis and learn his brother has stolen a magic horn desired by an evil preistess Cassatta. They agree to find Otis in the town of Freeport and leave the city only to be entangled in a secret cult of yaun ti.

Adventure Fifteen
Temple of St. Elsisa Part Five

The group enter the remains of the temple and battle the Feindish tyrants and their minions. Milo is separated from the group and is captured by the tyrants but escapes. With the Saint resurrected the group regroups and attack the tyrants. The battle is fierce but they win but not without the death of Marcus.

Adventure Fourteen
Temple of St. Elsisa Part Four

The thieves learn the paladins have been placed in a prison where they will surely be killed and devised a plan to rescue them. They infiltrated the prison posing as slave traders and used guile and stealth to get them out. They rescued the Paladins and begin the expedition to resurrect St. Elisas.

Adventure Thirteen
Temple of St. Elsisa Part Three

From the information they learn of the Divine Alchemist, a sect of the early church that created the Philosopher stone, the core of the stone can be used to resurrect the body of St. Elisas. The stone’s last hiding place however was in the vault of the Cliffdweller Saving Bank, the same bank Gar BugBucket’s father manages.

The group breaks into the bank, manages to open the vault and steal the stone but not before a security team catches up to them. The thieves manage to escape as the Paladins give them cover. The paladins, however are taken captive.

Adventure Twelve
Temple of St. Elsisa Part Two

The Group with the help of Markus find the two other Paladins, Darius and Deana. With their help learn they learn more of the prophecy of the Rise of St. Elisas . Rowen has been chosen to take on this task and does so with the Paladins and the reluctant Gar and Milo. Based on notes from the Cleric, Olimar they learn the information he was after is in the secret section in the Church of Aarth Library. The thieves infiltrate the library and find the secret section but not before they are attacked by a Stainglass Golem. They escape with the help of the Paladins.


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