Mr. Quell



Mr. Quell/Aranea Rogue 2/Sorcere 2 HD3d10+6 +2d6 +2d4 Hp 50 INT +6 SPD 50/climb 25 /30 AC 15/23 (+2 DX +2 natural, +1 Dodge) (+4 Mage Armor and +4 with shield) ATT +5 Bite +7 melee (1d6 poison DC13 1d6 str/2d6 str after) web +7 FORT +6 REF +9 Will +5 ST 11 DX 15 CN 14 INT 14 WS13 CH14

Skills: Climb +14 Concentration +8 Escape artist +5 Jump +13 Listen +11 Spot +11 Hide +12 Move Silently +12 Bluff +7 Intimidate +4 Forgery+4 Knowledge (Local) +5 Knowledge (Nobility) +3 Gather Information +6 Diplomacy +4 Search +6 Tumble +11 Use Rope +5 Craft (Trapmaking) +3 SpellCraft +6

SA Sneak Attack +1d6, Trapfinding, Evasion, Change shape, Dark vision 60ft low-light vision

FEATS Dodge, Improve Natural Armor +1

Spells: 6/6 Save DC 14) Daze, Detect Magic, Ghost sound, light, Resistance. 7-1 DC 15 1st-Mage Armor (+4/5hrs) Silent image, Ray of enfeeblement DC 13 (5min 1d6 STR Drain), Magic Missiles (3) 1d4+1 5-2 DC 16 Mirror Image 1d4+1) AC 12 , Scorching Ray 4d6, Invisibility 5min.

Web 6 day range 50ft DC 13 Escape/DC 17 burst Hardness 6/ x2 fire. Ranged Touch attack. Entangled –2 hit, -4 DX, DC 15+spelllve Concentration to cast spell.


A skinny blonde gentlemen from out of the City who arrive about six months ago. He has set up residence in the neighborhood and is see by most of the shop keepers and the neighbors. Everyone finds his to be a gentleman. The only ones who do not like Mr. Quell were the dwarves at the Gordon Brewery-but then again they don’t like anyone.

No one is quite sure what Mr. Quell does for a living but he is quite charming and a good tipper. He always pays in cash for services. He has on occasion settled disputes between rival parties being quite fair. He has also been a go-between negotiator for the kidnappers.

Mr. Quell has been questioned by the authorities and they concluded that they have no real evidence that Mr. Quell is involved in the actual kidnappings. Even if they did, there is no real law against securing the release of kidnapped victims.

Rowen and Gar confronted Mr. Quell when investigating the kidnapping ring. Mr. quell was killed in the fight and his messenger spiders lead the group to the Masters.

Mr. Quell

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