Mistress Deliha

A Upper Class Mystic Entertainer


Deliha is a VERY manipulative person with a high Charisma. She has a way of getting people to do things for her without realizing it. She shows no hostility and looks harmless save for her bodyguards and agents that are devoted (for better or for worse) to her. She is a very attractive middle age Half-elf with Red hair (slight silver strands).


When Gar first left home to pursue a career in acting he came under the apprenticeship of a very popular performer called Deliha the Mistress of the Mind. Deliha is a bard with her own theatre that performs tricks and illusions for wealthy middle class. Her signature performances were using her powers to bring forth hidden memories. She recruited you by her charismatic charm and manipulative nature. Being young you easily fell into her charm. But she manipulated Gar’s and many others minds by putting false memories into them and using suggestion and charm to control them (Like changing the agreement you just had with her).

Gar was rescued from her influence by Garrick, who’s relationship with Deliha is not completely known to him. It was at that time that Garrick and Gar developed their friendship.

Even now, Gar will have a hard time saying no to her and her offers of help will appear innocent and well received. How Gar interacts with Deliha must be made with this understanding—-every trick of manipulation Gar learned was taught by her. Gar’s greatest frustration with her was never knowing when she was sincere or when he was acting of his own accord and not manipulated. Eventually, Gar will turn the tables on her,

Mistress Deliha

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