Rogue 9/ShadowDancer 1


Milo and his brother Otis were poor halflings living in the tough neighborhood known as Miller’s Court. While Otis explored thieving and magic, Milo became a street dancer and rogue. Milo would later find he could infiltrate posh parties as a dancer and case joints to rob later.

Lord Cathard was known as a fine collector of rare and precious scarabs he kept well protected by spells and wards in his stately manor. Milo, posing as a entertainer for one of his many parties had cased the place out and decided with the help of some magic could walk off with a small fortune in that collection. He managed to buy a Potion of Disguise self at a discount price and altered his form to match that of Lord Cathard.

It worked. Milo managed to fool the magical wards and guards in his home and reached the display of his prized scarabs. BUT as he was plucking the prize he felt his body starting to change. Whether the potion he bought was defective or he simply miscalculated the timing (Milo is not quite sure) he rapidly began to change back into his former self. He grab what scarabs he could and bolted through the house in hopes of escaping.

He almost made it but the final ward detected him and he was surrounded by a whirlwind that lifted him up and transported him into the most dreaded place in the city. The Horde.

Milo had been trapped in the Hoard for a month after the incident. His only refuge was a Inn called the Bloody Rose. The proprietor, Anton has magical wards protecting him from the undead and others who would do him harm. He was the main source of supplies and trade with very inflated prices.

Milo befriended a Warrior (later revealed a Paladin) named Marcus. Marcus was found by Rowen and Gar looking for the Last Paladins of St. Elisa. With a promise of being sprung from the Hoard, Milo joined the group and has been with them since.

Milo has been the only PC who has ever died in the game. He was wished back to life by Gar.


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