Milo's Older brother


Otis EL 9 Halfling Spell Thief 7/ Fortunes Friend 2 AC 18 (+4 Shadow Leather Armor +2, +2 Dex, +1 size) ATT +6/+1 +7/+2 Small Undead Bane Dagger+1 1d2 (+2d6 Undead) +10 Masterwork Hand Crossbow 1d2+1 (4) +10 Masterwork Thrown Daggers 1d2 FORT+3 (+5) REF +9 WILL +5 ST 9 DX16 CN10 IN15 WS 8 CH 18

Equipment: Shadow Leather Armor +2, 1 vial of Holy Water, Ring of Invisibility (+20 hide), Backpack, sack.

FEATS/SA: Lucky Fingers, Sly Fortune, Make your own luck, Survivor’s Luck, Unbelievable Luck(+2 on lowest save,+2 re-rolls) SA Easy Luck, Extra Fortune (total of 7 luck rolls)More Luck Than Skill 1/day +2 skill) Trap finding, Steal spell 3rd (7 levels) detect magic (4/day), +1 save vs spells, Steal spell effect (11th level), Steal Energy Resistance, Steal Spell Like ability (2nd level), Absorb Spell (1d20+7 vs DC10+caster level) Sneak Attack +2d6 +2 saves vs fear,

Skills: Appraise +5 Bluff +6 Concentration +5 Disable Device +8 , Escape Artist +8, Gather information +6, Hide +15(+20) Knowledge (Arcane) +4, jump +4, Listen +11 Move Silently +11 , Open Locks +10, Sense Motive +1 Search +11 Spell Craft +4, Spot +8 swim -1 tumble +7 use Magic device.+10 Balance +6 Diplomacy +6 Sleight of Hand +4 Use Rope +4

Spells: 2/1 Spells Known: 1st Detect Secret Doors, Jump, Feather Fall, Grease 2nd Spider Climb, Knock


A lucky and greedy halfling Spell-thief, Otis last explots were to steal a magical horn from a evil cleric, infiltrate the Theif Lord Calzules vault and seek out the famous Bloddy jack Gold horde.

Milo, Rowen and Gar have been tacking him down sense.

Otis along with his brother grew up in the Millers Court section of the City home to halflings. Living with their drunken abusive father in poverty, the two boys made ends meet by stealing food and pick-pocketing the residents of Miller’s Court.

Otis had a talent for magic while Milo had a talent for dance and the two worked together with a distract and grab tactics.

The two made great pains not to join the Bogle Boys gang, the local halfling thugs and grew apart when they got older.

Recently, Milo through the effects of the Elven Pearl (See the Citadel of the Elves) that Otis had sacrificed much to protect his brother in his youth.


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