Venerable Old Thief


EL 7 Rogue 5/Ranger 2 Human Rogue Age: 53 (Old) AC 13 (+3 Masterwork Studded Leather) Hp 26 ST 9 (-1) DX 11 CN 10 IN 16 (+3) WS 13 (+1) CH12 (+1) ATT: +5 Masterwork Rapier +5 (+3) 1d6 18-19X2 and Master work Dagger +5 (+3) 1d4 19-20/x2 Masterwork Lt Crossbow (+5)1d8 19-20×2 20 Bolts Masterwork Sap (+5) 1d6×2 (Non-lethal)

Saves: FORT +4 REF +8 Will +2

SA Sneak Attack +3d6, Evasion, Uncanny DodgeTrap Finding, Trap sense +1, Favored Enemy (Human) +2 Bluff/Listen/Sense Motive/Spot and Survival +2 Dm, Wild Empathy (+3)

FEATS: 2-wpn Fighting (-2/-2), Tracking, Combat Expertise (+5) Combat Reflexes, Vexing Flanker (+4 to Hit while Flanking) Adaptable Flanker (Designate one foe as flanked by all for bonus)

Skills: Appraise +4 Balance +4 Bluff +4 Climb+4 Decipher Script +4 Diplomancy+5 Disable Device+4 Disguise +3 Escape Artist +4 Forgery +5 Gather Information+4 Handle animal +6 Heal +6 Hide+6 Intimidate+5 Jump+3 Knowledge Local +7 Knowledge Nature +8 Listen +6 Move Silently +5 Open Locks+4 Ride +3 Search+7 Sense Motive +5 Sleight of Hand +5 Spot+6 Swim +4 Tumble +4 Use Magic Device +3 Use Rope +6 Survival +3

Equiptment: Masterwork Thives Tools (+2 Open Locks/Disable Devices) Grappling Hook Silk Rope (+2 use Rope) Crowbar (+2 STR Checks) Torch Bug Tube (3mins 20ft Total of 20times) (3) Flash pellets Range 5ft/per DC 15 Blinded 1rd/Dazzled 2nd round.


Retired thief who began working against Guild laws to set a nice retirement egg for himself.

Garrick had done service for the Druid Circle at one time training the Druids in thieving skills. As such, when he rquested help they sent their best student, Rowan to help him. Garrick also befriended the novice Bard Gar and helped him break free of the manipulation of the Mystic known as Mistress Deliha.

Garrick is the owner of the Silver Griffon, a tavern and when Garrick takes long trips outside of the city, he leaves Gar in charge.

Garrick has now since retired after a almost fatal event when a hiest went foul and Rown and Gar had to rescue him. (see Honor Among Thieves)

Garrick had been arrested in Framed while trying to help Gar escape Inquistor Galieon who charged gar with the murder of Lord Balto.

He currently is expected to be released from the Prison after spending five years in protective custody from the Thieves Guild.


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